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Majority to Minority Transfer Policy

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21st Century Community Learning Centers

As required by United States of America, Plantiff, v. Richland Parish School Board, Defendant, the school district shall permit a student attending a school in which his race is in the majority to choose to attend another school where his race is in the minority. Pursuant to the Court's Order, the Richland Parish School Board encourages M-to-M transfers, which allows any sstudent attending a school at which his or her race is the majority to transfer to another school where the student's race is in the minority. All such transferring students are to be given priority for space being available. All such transferring students must be given transportation if they desire it. The time period for applying for transfers is at least 24 hours prior to the regular session board meetings for May, June, and July only.* Click here to access the regular session board meeting schedule.

After school tutoring, remediation, and an enrichment program (21st Century Community Learning Centers) that your child may be eligible to attend will be available at the following schools: Delhi Elementary School, Delhi Middle School, Rayville Elementary School, and Rayville Junior High School. This program is free to families and free transportation is provided for your child.

I am aware that the Board recommends parents of Kindergarten transfer students bring their child to school for the first full week of the school year. I am also aware that this is a measure to avoid miscommunications concerning transportation and will help to ensure that children are accounted for at all times.

*During an academic school year, any student accessing a majority to minority transfer may request a return transfer to his or her home school prior to completion of the fall semester. Return transfer requests made after completion of the fall semester will be denied. Only one return transfer per student will be allowed during an academic school year.


Our Mission Statement
The Richland Parish School System will provide a comprehensive educational foundation and safe learning environment for all students. Students will demonstrate mastery of skills needed to be lifelong learners. It is our system's purpose to develop the whole child to his/her fullest potential. Excellence will be expected from each employee and student in the system.