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Mrs. Jones' Blog - "A Bird's Eye View"
February 21, 2014

Good Friday Morning from Mangham Elementary Principal Mrs. Sandi Jones. Mrs. Jones challenged the students at Mangham Elementary to read 11,000 Accelerated Reader books and they accepted and succeeded her challenge! Because of their success Mrs. Jones has to spend the day on the roof of the school! Joining her is a giant chicken (assistant principal Mrs. Angie Snuggs) because the students also surpassed the goal of selling the annual chicken and dumplings dinners.


Waving good morning to parents in car line!

It's a beautiful morning! The moon is still out too!


There is a crazy chicken roosting up here!


I'm starting my day of reading with one of my favorites books, "The Black Stallion Returns" by Walter Farley. The book is a 6th grade level and it is worth 8 AR points! I hope I can pass the test!


It's chilly up here, but I am covered up! I also have my tent and my chair.


The kids are arriving!


Yummy supplies!


My view...


Mr. Gene trimming the tree.


Wow! The cars look tiny from up here!


Can you find the squirrel?


My yummy lunch from the MES cafeteria. Thanks to the Lunch Bunch and Ms. Jackie! Thanks to Mrs. Angie for bringing it up the ladder for me! I am getting waited on hand and foot. It is getting a little warm though.


Eat more chicken!


First grade playing.


They came running when they saw me.


First grade has a good use for the fire hydrant.


Our Superman came to see us today! He just got home from St. Judes!


UPS guy! This is what the top of a UPS truck looks like if you were wondering...

pic916 pic917

These are pictures KTVE just came by and took!

pic920 pic921

Kindergarten playing and practicing parallel lines.

pic922 pic923

Bryce chasing Mr. Jean.


Our 4th graders playing kickball.


3rd grade coming out to play.


Sitting in my tent in the shade... wait I hear children playing!


5th graders playing!

pic947 pic951

Have a great weekend everyone and keep reading!


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The Richland Parish School System adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal civil rights laws and regulations that are applicable to this agency. Therefore, no one will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, or national origin(Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964);sex (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972); disability (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) in attaining educational goals and objectives and in the administration of personnel policies and procedures. Any one with questions regarding this policy my contact the Richland Parish School Board at 318-728-5964, 411 Foster Street, Rayville, Louisiana 71269.


parents with child and report card