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Welcome to Rayville Junior High School

Principal's Message
Ms. Nettie Ranel

Ms. Nettie Ranel Principal at Rayville Junior High School

Beginning a new school year can bring about thoughts of excitement, anticipation and even frustration, because of things we do not understand. It is one of our goals to minimize most of your concerns, especially, when it comes to providing a safe and productive environment for academic achievement and excellence.

            Another one of our goals is to have parents involved in our school activities and projects. It will be helpful for parents to share their interests and level of involvement with their child’s teacher during back to school night or set up a time to meet with the teacher. 

            Also, I know I can expect each parent/guardian to support our efforts, by encouraging our students to obey school rules and to work hard to make their school experience a positive one. I am expecting this year to be a positive school year because I embrace the idea that the students, parents, teachers, staff, administration, and the community are willing to   do all that is necessary to accomplish this task.

            Lastly, we want to motivate and inspire our students to learn and to achieve far above what we know. In other words, we want to empower our students to use resources, equipping them, to strive for excellence in all they attempt. Together, we can make this happen. Thank you in advance for a productive and exciting school year.

~~Great Expectations
     Nettie Ranel, Principal



Mission Statement:

Rayville Junior High School is an institution of higher learning and every day is a day of GREAT EXPECTATIONS!

Student Motto:

I AM...
I am Confident.
I am caring.
I am Smart.
I am Strong.
I am a Confident, Caring, Smart, Strong student.
I am a Success!
I am a Rayville Junior High School Student,