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Fry Reading Phrases

A list of 600 words compiled by Edward Fry contain the most used words in reading and writing. The words on the list make up almost half of the words met in any reading task. Good readers decode words so that they are said "instantly", therefore, assuring the automaticity essential to comprehension. The words are divided into six levels, roughly corresponding to grade levels; then into groups of twenty-five words, according to difficulty and frequency. Each level should be taught and assessed sequentially, with the goal of increasing fluency on these high frequency words to the point that parallel processing can occur.


Fry phrase lists and suggestions for use

Printable Phrases created by Karen Worsley
1st 100 phrases
2nd 100 phrases
3rd 100 phrases
4th 100 phrases
5th 100 phrases
6th 100 phrases

Website for teacheing with Fry phrases








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